How to Automate Data via Integration

Automating the data exchange with Vuuh via integrations offers numerous advantages for your brand, ensuring quick and seamless delivery of product data to your customers. By streamlining this process, you can experience the benefits of:

Faster time to market – automating data exchange enables your products to reach the market quicker, giving you a competitive edge.

Extended availability – with efficient data exchange, your products can remain available in the market for longer periods, maximizing sales opportunities.

Live updates on changes in styles and/or canceled styles.

Better performing retailers when utilizing all the data you have available from different data sources.

Automation significantly reduces the need for manual tasks, minimizing delays caused by human errors and saving valuable time for both you and your customers.

Optimal setup for automated delivery

To achieve automated delivery, ensure that the following content is included:

Product information (ERP)

To provide your clients with all relevant product information available in your ERP.

Order details (ERP)

To get all relevant order information for your clients (location, order number, quantities, and actual prices).

Order response / Order confirmation

To let your clients know that you have received their order.

Invoices (ERP)

To send your invoices to your clients seamlessly.

Dispatch advice / Delivery notes (ERP)

To inform your clients about shipments automatically.

Extra product information (PDM / PLM / PIM) - if available

Vuuh merges the data with the ERP data and makes one big data set that can help your retailers present your products even better.

Integrate ERP

To automate data from your ERP system, you can use our API. For detailed instructions on setting up automated data exchange, refer to the API documentation linked below.

Integrate extra data sources (PDM / PLM / PIM)

Vuuh will make an estimation on building an integration towards your extra data sources, that will be a one-time-fee with no extra monthly costs.

When we receive information about an order from your ERP system, Vuuh then automatically uses your extra data source to do a look up, asking for more data.
That also means that Vuuh has no direct access to your information but only requests extra data (for your security).

Please remember

Open up for sending data through the integration to the retailers you connect with on Vuuh in your own ERP system.

By leveraging the power of automation, you can enhance the efficiency of your brand and deliver a seamless experience to your customers with Vuuh, making your brand easier to do business with.

Remember, if you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at We are here to support you in optimizing your content delivery!

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