How to Automate Data via Mail Setup

Automating the data exchange with just a mail setup is a simple way of achieving automation when using Vuuh without needing to invest in building an actual integration. By automatically distributing product data through a mail setup you get the following benefits:

Faster time to market – automating data exchange enables your products to reach the market quicker, giving you a competitive edge.

Extended availability – with efficient data exchange, your products can remain available in the market for longer periods, maximizing sales opportunities.

How it works

Most ERP systems are capable of automatically generating an order based product data file that is then attached to an order confirmation email being sent to a retailer once they place an order.

All you need to do is to make sure that Vuuh also receives this email containing the order based data file by adding as a receiver.

Vuuh then collects the file and transforms the data to fit the specific needs and requirements of any retailer.

Important for the file to include

  • Order number
  • Client name / number
  • Location (in case a client has multiple locations)
  • As many different data points about the product as possible
  • Quantities 
  • Actual prices (what the specific client paid and not just whole sale prices)
  • Make sure that the structure of the file is always the same

Please remember

Add Vuuh as a receiver to receive order-based data via mail for the retailers you connect with on Vuuh in your own ERP system.

The difference between automating through a mail setup compared to an actual integration is that Vuuh does not receive updates after we receive the data. Meaning that if styles change and/or styles are canceled, Vuuh will not automatically receive these updates.

If your ERP system is capable of automatically generating and sending invoices, dispatch advice/delivery notes we are also able to automate these through this simple mail setup.

You are welcome to reach out to us on in case you need help with automating through a mail setup.

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