How to Automate Image Upload via Integration

Let Vuuh handle all adjustment of images to cater to your clients.

We automatically scale your images, rename them, and can both remove background and add new background color – to cater to the individual needs and requirements of any retailer.

To be able to live up to all different requirements from all different clients, it is very important that Vuuh gets your images in the best possible resolution.

Therefore, the optimal way of making this automated setup is for Vuuh to build an integration towards the source where you keep your original high resolution images, e.g. where your photographers upload them initially.

The only requirement Vuuh has for automating images for you, is that there is consistency in how your images are named.

E.g. barcode_angle (123454321_1) or stylename_color name_angle (jasmin_red_a)

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

In case you have an FTP server, that is the easiest integration to make.

What we need

  • Create an account on Vuuh and send us the details for the account
  • Tell us how your images are named

Vuuh then makes an integration towards your FTP server, and will be able to automatically fetch the relevant images.

The price for an FTP integration is €300 (excl. VAT) as a one-time-fee.

Imagebanks and other systems

These can be a little more complex and require that the imagebank or the system have an API that Vuuh can integrate towards.

What we need

  • API documentation
  • Tell us how your images are named

A Vuuh specialist will then make an estimation on the development and we will present the timeframe and cost for you prior to starting the integration.

How it works

Once the integration is complete, Vuuh will use it to fetch the images related to the products we receive information about from your ERP system.

Vuuh will not have access to look at all of your images or other different files, but will make a call through the integration only asking for images related to certain styles.

For example

1. Vuuh receives information about an order on 20 different styles.

2. Vuuh then asks through the integration for images related to these 20 styles.

3. Vuuh receives the images in high resolution and automatically adjusts and transforms them to fit the specific needs of any retailer.

4. The order is now ready for the retailer to download with order based product data and the right images, all following their exact needs and requirements.

For more information regarding automating images via integration, you are always welcome to reach out to

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