1. Create an account

1. Click on the button below and follow the instructions.

2. Once your account is created, please make sure to add your brand/s.

2. Connect with retailers

1. Go to Retailers from the side menu.

2. Find the retailer you would like to connect with and click on Connect.

3. Click on Connect again to confirm.

4. Retailers you connect with get access to the product data and images you add.*

* In case you are automating data through either integration or a mail setup (see section 4 below), make sure to open up for sending data to the retailer in your own ERP system. Only then the retailer will be able to receive data and images from you on Vuuh.

3. Upload images

Choose one of the two options below to upload images.

3a. Automate image upload via integration

See how to integrate to Vuuh and automate uploading your images.

3b. Manually upload images

Before you upload any images manually, please make sure that you cannot automate this via integration (see the point above).

4. Add product data and orders

Choose one of the three options below to add data.

4a. Automate data via integration (recommended)

Review the options for integrating to Vuuh and automate everything, once and for all.

4b. Automate data via mail setup

In case you have a B2B platform, an ERP system, or other internal systems capable of sending emails with attached Order Confirmation files, the setup is simple.

4c. Manually add data

Before you add any data manually, please make sure that you cannot use any integration or automation we offer from 4a. and 4b.

5. Add missing data

1. Go to Products from the side menu.

2. Products that are missing data are highligted in yellow.

3. Missing data points are visible on the products themselves. Click on Add data to add the missing data.

4. To see more of the missing data points, click on any data point dropdown. The missing data points are listed on top. Select one to preview it.

5. Data can also be missing from specific colors and sizes. Click on the arrow on the right side to review colors and sizes.

Ready for an upgrade?

In case you want to connect to more retailers, automate the process of filling out templates and adjusting images for key accounts, or would like to hear more about using Vuuh as a single point of entry for sharing data and images with all of your retailers, you are more than welcome to reach out to us on mk@vuuh.com.

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