How to Manually Upload Images

NOTE: Before you upload any images manually, please make sure that you cannot automate this via integration.

Upload images on the Images page

1. Go to Images from the side menu.

2. Click on the Upload images button.

3. Click on Continue (this step will appear only the first time you upload images).

4. Set a naming format reflecting the way you name your image files by following the instructions (mouse over the ? icon to see instructions). When you set a naming format that completely matches the way your image files are named, they will automatically be attached to your products. In case you have questions, please reach out to us on When you are done, click Next.

5. Click on the upload area and select the image files that you would like to upload (please upload maximum 300 images at a time), and then click Upload.

6. Wait while your images are being uploaded and attached.

7. At the end, you will get a message letting you know if all images have been successfully attached, or whether some, or all images could not be attached.

8a. Attached images will be put into folders named after your collections.

8b. Unattached images will be put into a folder called Unattached. Unattached images will attempt to automatically attach to any new products you add to Vuuh.

9. To check whether images have been attached, go to the Products page and click on the images of products. In case some images have not been attached, you can add them from there.

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