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NOTE: If it is not possible for you to automatically generate and send a file containing product data then go back and follow the steps from 3. How to upload product data (but please make sure to check first).

Getting started with automation is often straightforward and does not require IT specialists. Simply add as a receiver in your system. However, for certain IT or modified ERP systems, it may be necessary to involve your IT consultant or department.

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Optimal Setup for Automated Delivery

To achieve automated delivery, ensure that the following content is included:

  • Product information
  • Images
  • Order details

How To

1. Check if your system sends Order Confirmations to customers

If your company is using a B2B platform, ERP system, or other internal systems capable of sending emails with attached Order Confirmation files, the setup is simple.

The file has to be in one of the following formats: Excel, CSV, XML, or .txt.

2. Compare your file with our requirements

To ensure seamless product creation in Vuuh, your Order Confirmation file has to at least contain the requirements outlined in the example you can see below.

➤  Example of minimum requirements

It is important to highlight that the more information you can put in the Order Confirmation file the better. You can see what we suggest should be included in the file to eliminate as much manual involvement as possible in the example you can see below.

➤  Example of optimal requirements

In case it is not possible for you to include order details and/or images in the Order Confirmation file, you can find a guide on manually adding what is missing further down on this page.

3. Set up by adding Vuuh as receiver

All you have to do is to add as a receiver on the mail sent to your customer containing this Order Confirmation file.

Vuuh will then always receive the information whenever the specific customer places an order and we then automatically collect and map the order based data and transform it to fit your customers exact needs and requirements.

If you need further assistance, contact our support team at

If you can send an automated file with product data but cannot include order details and/or images:

If your system does not automatically deliver the required information in the Order Confirmation file, you have the option to upload product data, images, or manually create orders depending on which are missing.

Set up as the receiver of your customer Order Confirmation files and manually add the content that cannot be delivered automatically.

To Upload Images:

1. Upload a collection

We recommend including as much product information as possible in your collection file, which should be in Excel or CSV format.

Minimum and recommended data points

➤  Watch this video

2. Upload product images

Follow our guidelines for naming conventions and including product-related specifications in image names to ensure accurate matching with products.

Naming conventions and other requirements.

➤  Watch this video

To Add an Order:

Create an order manually

Download the order form below, fill in the necessary information, and send it to For initial setup assistance, contact

➤  Watch this video

➤  Download the order form used in the video

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