1. Create an account

Click on the button below and follow the instructions.

2. Connect via EDI mail

In case you have a B2B platform, an ERP system, or other internal systems capable of sending emails with attached Order Confirmation files, the setup is simple.

Find out how to automate entirely or partly with a simple one-time email setup.

Or please watch the video below.

3. Upload product data

1. Go to Collections from the side menu.

2. Click on the upload area and select your file to add it as a collection.

3. Add a name to the new collection and press Add.

4. Once the upload is complete, it will take Vuuh up to 24 hours to process the data and make it available for your retailers.

4. Share product data with retailers

1. Go to Retailers from the side menu.

2. Find the retailer you would like to connect with and click on Connect.

3. Click once again on Connect to confirm.

4. The retailer now has access to any product data you have added.

5. Add images to products

To learn how, please watch the video below.

6. Add orders

To learn how, please watch the video below.

7. Add missing product data

1. Go to Products from the side menu.

2. Products that are missing data are highligted in yellow.

3. Missing data points are visible on the products themselves. Click on Add data to add the missing data.

4. To see more of the missing data points, click on any data point dropdown. The missing data points are listed on top. Select one to preview it.

5. Data can also be missing from specific colors and sizes. Click on the arrow on the right side to review colors and sizes.

8. Automate entirely via integration

Review the options for integrating to Vuuh and automate everything, once and for all.

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5. How to add orders

1. Go to Orders from the side menu.

2. Add a new order by clicking on Add an Order.

3. Select the retailer you are creating an order for and click on Continue.

4. On the next step, you will be presented with two options:

4A. Upload order files and click Submit files.

4B. Click on Add an order via barcodes, add the barcodes (one per line), and then once done, click on Submit files.